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Lisa Ambler's Art Classes

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As everyone knows, if you want to become a virtuoso of piano, you have to practice; if you want to score in a soccer game, you have to run and kick to build muscles and dexterity. So it is with art - to become a great artist, you must work hard and often.

But, unlike music or a sport, art has no single, concrete, easily-definable goal - an accomplished pianist masters music by Rachmaninoff. A talented soccer player scores many points. Whereas an amazing artist may paint like Picasso, draw like Escher, sculpt like Michelangelo OR paint like Jackson Pollock, draw like Dr. Seuss and sculpt like any kindergartner with a mound of clay.

Which is the right way? The "right way" in art means making what looks beautiful to you, the artist. How does that make art different from soccer or math? Can your opinion influence a soccer goal or the answer to a math equation? But wait, does that mean art is easy since anything you like is the correct answer?

There are techniques, points of view, tools, and trade secrets to be learned if you wish to become a great artist. You will have to be brave and persistent, patient and perceptive, imaginative, and even willful, independent, and creative in your thinking. 

Above all, know that "artists never give up." Being an artist is a lot like being a superhero - you can save the world from ugliness, but it won't be easy! 

So, after more than 50 years of working to create beauty and many years of helping other artists of all ages, I would define great art as: "Any work produced in a well-intentioned diligent manner. " To put it another way, "Great art happens when you work really really really hard!" (AND have FUN creating it!)

Get it? Got it? Good!

I hope to see you in class! Ages 6 and up!

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